What are some ways to avoid getting Alzheimer’s?

Answer by Teddy Poh:

Unfortunately there is no proven method for prevention of Alzheimer's disease (AD). Though medications can slow the progression but does not halt it. However, few potential risk factors has been identified and is worth knowing. Probably by avoiding (if possible) these factors might be able to reduce the risk.

1. Family history of AD
2. Female has higher risk relatively with ratio 2:1
3. History of head trauma although the risk is minor.
4. AD is more common among groups with low educational attainment ( should keep in mind the education level affects test-taking ability, and AD affects all level of educations)
5. Environment factors such as exposure to aluminum and mercury and some viruses has been proposed
6. Vascular disease, specifically stroke.
7. Elevated homocysteine or cholesterol level
8. Hypertension
9. Diabetes mellitus (increased by 3 fold)
10. Low serum folic acid level
11. Low dietary intakes of fruits, vegetables, and red wine
12. Low level of exercise

Although NSAIDs is stated to be associated with decreased risk of AD, but this has not been confirmed in large prospective studies.


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