The author

Teddy Brain is created by Teddy Poh, a fresh graduate in Doctor of Medicine (M.D.) from UCSI University in Malaysia, who has high passion for neuroscience and neurology. How can you not love the most amazing organ in your body? The entire human body is controlled by brains, and the rest of the body simply worked to keep the brain alive! at least in my personal opinion.

Feel free to ask questions, or leave a suggestion.

The author, Teddy Poh, is preparing for another exam, will try to keep the updates frequent. Thank you.


2 responses to “The author

  1. Dear Dr. Poh,
    I am a psychologist in Los Angeles, and I am doing Panic Disorder seminar for the Korean American constituents in the city. I’d like to have your permission to use your drawing of brain to help understand functions of Amygdala and other organs. I’d like to use it in my PowerPoint presentation and give you the full credit in doing so. Please let me know your policy regarding this type of permission.

    Richard Sohn, Psy.D.
    Licensed Psychologist

    • Thank you for having an interest on my writting, however some of the pictures are taken from specific references. Kindly approach them for permission and credit should be directed to respective person and not me (unless the picture is purely drawn by me)

      Dr. Poh (MD)

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